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SONY - CLIÉ® Handheld Accessory

1PEGA-AC10Operating Instructions (primary manual)
2PEGA-AC10Warranty Card
3PEGA-BC10Note: charging a built-in battery using adapter
4PEGA-BC10Operating Instructions (primary manual)
5PEGA-BC10Warranty Card
6PEGA-BP500Operating Instructions (primary manual)
7PEGA-BP500Warranty Card
8PEGA-CA100Warranty Card
9PEGA-CA22Warranty Card
10PEGA-CA23Warranty Card
11PEGA-CA30Warranty Card
12PEGA-CA31Warranty Card
13PEGA-CA32Warranty Card
14PEGA-CA33Warranty Card
15PEGA-CA40Warranty Card
16PEGA-CA60Warranty Card
17PEGA-CA61Warranty Card
18PEGA-CA80Warranty Card
19PEGA-CA92Note: color and pattern changes to leather
20PEGA-CA92Warranty Card
21PEGA-CC5Specification Sheet with hook-up diagram
22PEGA-CC5Marketing Specifications
23PEGA-CC5Warranty Card
24PEGA-CC5Operating Instructions (primary manual)
25PEGA-CC5Note: detaching CLIE from cradle
26PEGA-CC5Installation/Connection Instructions
27PEGA-DC10Note: use of USB cradle while driving
28PEGA-DC10Operating Instructions (primary manual)
29PEGA-DC10Warranty Card
30PEGA-EB40Operating Instructions (primary manual)
31PEGA-EB40Warranty Card
32PEGA-GC10Operating Instructions (primary manual)
33PEGA-GC10SEGA Columns for CLIE Instruction Manual
34PEGA-GC10Warranty Card
35PEGA-HS10Operating Instructions (primary manual)
36PEGA-HS10Warranty Card
37PEGA-JC40KWarranty Card
38PEGA-JC40KOperating Instructions (primary manual)
39PEGA-KB100Key Layout Sheet
40PEGA-KB100Keyboard Help List
41PEGA-KB100Operating Instructions
42PEGA-KB100Warranty Card
43PEGA-KB11Operating Instructions (primary manual)
44PEGA-KB11Warranty Card
45PEGA-KB20Operating Instructions (primary manual)
46PEGA-KB20Warranty Card
47PEGA-MD700CLIE Mail v1.0 User Guide
48PEGA-MD700Caution: line cord, Note, and Declaration of Conformity
49PEGA-MD700How to: insert & remove batteries
50PEGA-MD700Warranty Card
51PEGA-MSC1Warranty Card
52PEGA-MSC1Memory Stick Camera Module Instructions (primary manual)
53PEGA-MSC1PictureGear Pocket v2.1 Instructions
54PEGA-MSC1Memory Stick Camera Application v1.0 Instructions
55PEGA-MSC1CLIE Paint v1.0 Instructions
56PEGA-PF40Warranty Card
57PEGA-PF60Warranty Card
58PEGA-PF70Warranty Card
59PEGA-SA10Operating Instructions (primary manual)
60PEGA-SA10Warranty Card
61PEGA-SA500Operating Instructions (primary manual)
62PEGA-SA500User Guide
63PEGA-SA500gMovie v1.4 Operating Instructions
64PEGA-SA500Warranty Card
65PEGA-SC500Warranty Card
66PEGA-SC500Operating Instructions (primary manual)
67PEGA-SC500Note: using serial cradle with PEG-S360
68PEGA-SP40Warranty Card
69PEGA-SP60Warranty Card
70PEGA-SP70Warranty Card
71PEGA-SPC100KOperating Instructions (primary manual)
72PEGA-SPC100KWarranty Card
73PEGA-ST11Warranty Card
74PEGA-ST50Warranty Card
75PEGA-ST500Warranty Card
76PEGA-ST60Warranty Card
77PEGA-ST61Warranty Card
78PEGA-TK500(English: pg.2) Operating Instructions (primary manual)
79PEGA-TK500Warranty Card
80PEGA-UC50Warranty Card
81PEGA-UC50Operating Instructions (primary manual)
82PEGA-UC500(English: pg.2) Operating Instructions (primary manual)
83PEGA-UC500Warranty Card
84PEGA-UC55Note: charging handheld with USB cradle
85PEGA-UC55Operating Instructions (primary manual)
86PEGA-UC55Warranty Card
87PEGA-UC600(English: pg.2) Operating Instructions (primary manual)
88PEGA-UC600Warranty Card
89PEGA-UC60KOperating Instructions (primary manual)
90PEGA-UC60KWarranty Card
91PEGA-UC700Operating Instructions (primary manual)
92PEGA-UC700Warranty Card
93PEGA-UC70KWarranty Card
94PEGA-UC70KOperating Instructions (primary manual)
95PEGA-UC75KOperating Instructions (primary manual)
96PEGA-UC75KWarranty Card
97PEGA-UC90(English: pg.2) Operating Instructions (primary manual)
98PEGA-UC90Warranty Card
99PEGA-VR100KNote: Recording TV programs manually
100PEGA-VR100KNotes: using Memory Stick media with some CLIE models
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